From fourth grade until now I have had an interest in playing with various letter forms. To me, the perfection of writing a neat letter is art on paper in the form of words. The pen, the paper, the font, all of it combined creates a beautiful representation of what we want to say. I hope I can write for you, it would be a gift. With love, Ginger.


    "I was completely blown away by Ginger's beautiful writing. I've had numerous guest actually say they wanted to frame the envelope!! Additionally, she is super sweet and easy to work with. We were continually adding to our guest list but she was never phased to do just a couple of envelopes at a time. I want another excuse just to have her write something for me!! It's beautiful!!"

    -Jennifer P.

    "I knew from the beginning that I wanted a hand written invitation and I wanted Ginger to do it. I had seen a lot of her work and was always so impressed. My invitation turned out so beautiful! She is so talented and great to work with. We had so many people call us the day they received the invitation in the mail to say it was the most beautiful invitation and they were so excited about the wedding. The invitation is so important because it gets people excited about the wedding and when it is addressed so beautifully people know they are in for a treat. Ginger also created several other items for us that tied it all together: a large menu for the buffet, the programs, place cards, our save the date. Her work is unbeatable :)"

    -Sarah Beth H.


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